The Worldwide Biography Conference is dedicated to furthering the research and development of applied biography work based on spiritual science. All colleagues who are working professionally with biographical development are warmly invited to participate in the dynamic, creative process of the evolving global conference community dedicated to: 1. coordinating the organisation and promotion of professional conferences, 2. growing and maintaining international networking facilities and 3. supporting enrichment of individuals and professional communities worldwide through nurturing a resonant relationship between professional biography work and the General Anthroposophical Section of the School of Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum.


The Profiles of conference participants are generated during Registration and their generation is, therefore, integral to this facility. Over time the content and layout of the Profiles can also be developed and redesigned in accordance with the needs of future conferences.

Until further notice all Profiles will be accessible when you log in to your account. You can update your Profile at any time. During Registration all account holders gave their permission for their data to be shared with other conference participants. You can request your profile to be removed from this platform at any time.

The question as to whether there would be any purpose served by inviting account holders to allow their Profiles to be visible in the public realm needs further consultation. Likewise, guidelines need to be established which determine the temporary or permanent status of the current Profiles. Many of the current Profiles will serve their account holders in connection with their participation in future conferences. The further development of this platform will assuredly be taken up by colleagues who will become responsible for coordinating and organising the Worldwide Biography Conference in the future.

Registration Service

Following the last Worldwide Biography Conference the Registration facility is taken offline for maintentance and modification based on the hard won experiences gathered during its practical implementation.

Establishing and maintaining an online Registration facility is a complex operation. This involves the integration of a ticketing service connected to a reputable online payment system with a secure password protected database, which is not stored in a digital "cloud".

The investment of time, energy and resources can be usefully and economically built on between conferences. The initial system configuration uses proven, sophisticated, versatile software, which it is known will be supported for many years to come.

The provision of these services primarily emphasises functionality and should, therefore, be understood as completely independent of uniquely designed websites for individual conferences.

Understandably the standards for data protection and online business practises are becoming more stringent. This means that from year to year it is necessary to monitor and update security protocols, privacy policy statements and terms and conditions of business according to prevailing professional and digital standards.